Ernst Kolb


What is Art Brut or Outsider Art?
This look at artworks classified as "Art Brut" and "Outsider Art" shows many different faces. All in all, it's an amazing art, often created by confident individuals with no artistic background, putting together an exciting variety of styles and possibilities. Since these artists in particular create their works of art in their spare time according to their own needs and for their own enjoyment, they are independent and create their own sincere and authentic, very personal art.

The collection presented on this website started in 2010 and the website in 2012. The budget has always been small and (with rare exceptions) all the artworks presented were found far away from the art trade on eBay and Etsy or bought from the artists after contacting them via Facebook.

The alternative way to search outsider art worldwide far from the art market, as famous names from the commerce was financially out of reach. Luck and hasard have been important part when searching daily almost worldwide for artworks. The result is a profile that is unique and different from most other collections which makes it particularly attractif. It juxtaposes works by unknown and known artists from many different parts of the world. Some of the collected artists, that where bought on eBay, Etsy or Facebook have disappeared from these plateforms in the meantime and are now exclusively sold through the commerce of art.